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Uniforms, Loaners, & Participation

PE Uniform

A black, and gray physical education uniform is available from the department for $20.00 and includes shorts and shirt imprinted with the school name and a P.E. Sportsfolio. Package deals are also available.  The P.E. teachers and adult aides will write the name of the student clearly in the band provided for both the shorts and shirt. Shirt and shorts must be appropriate size, and shorts will be worn at proper levels. In addition to the school PE uniform, a plain grey T-Shirt and black shorts without pockets may also be worn.

P.E. uniforms are the student's responsibility and should be taken home and washed once each week, usually on the weekend. Uniforms that are torn, frayed, or improperly marked must be repaired or replaced. Only one pair of shorts may be worn at a time.

A set of sweat clothes is strongly recommended for cold or rainy weather and should be worn over the regular P.E. outfit. Students are required to dress in all types of weather. Torn or cut-off sweat clothes are not allowed nor are sweat shirts imprinted with inappropriate terms or pictures. P.E. sweat pants are $20.00, and a hooded sweatshirts-$20.00.

Students may not wear their P.E. uniform over or under their regular school clothes. Students are to only wear their P.E. uniform during P.E. Students should not wear P.E. clothes to class or home.

Athletic socks should be worn with athletic shoes such as running, tennis, aerobic or basketball shoes. Slip-on shoes or shoes that are not laced up are a hazard to the student wearing them as well as to other students in the immediate area and are not allowed.

Jewelry such as rings, neck chains, bracelets, metal watches or dangling earrings are a hazard in the vigorous activities common to a physical education class and are strictly prohibited.

iPods and other similar items should not be brought to school or to P.E. class. Water bottles are recommended!


The physical education department has "loaner" clothes for the students who forget their own P.E. clothes. The loaner clothes are cleaned regularly. A student who refuses to change is displaying defiance and will be sent to the office.


Students are required to suit up and participate in class activity each day. A student without their required uniform at school, will be issued loaner clothes. After the initial use of loaner clothes, the following will occur:

2nd Usage: Parent signature and return of notification slip.

3rd Usage: Parent signature and return of notification slip, PLUS detention.

4th Usage: Parent signature and return of notification slip, PLUS referral.

5th Usage: Parent signature and return of notification slip, PLUS may serve ISS (In School Suspension).

Note: A $10.00 charge will be issued for each non-returned loaner clothing item.